Thursday, 31 December 2009

I can't quite gather my thoughts at the moment...... they seem to have wandered away. I have some wishes, but then wishes can be........ can't think of the word "dangerous"is a bit strong but you get the idea. They can lead down so many paths.

2010 is upon us. A time to look forward, forward  into the unknown................

Wednesday, 30 December 2009


My own response to my last post is - we don't read the signs properly and if we do, we choose to ignore them!

Now all I need is some undisturbed, pain free sleep  and it's no good surfing the internet looking for that.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Relationships should be like a two way street. Why do so many of us end up in a one way street, facing the wrong way?....... discuss.............

Monday, 28 December 2009


I've been thinking  a lot lately of various song lyrics. Mostly heavy stuff. People seem to be surprised at my love of "Heavy Metal" and some of the "Goth" bands……… they have a lot to say and say it well.  Because they are young doesn't mean that they don't have ideas and opinions about life and the world in which they live.  The Heavy Metal bands that I like, on the whole are not so young now, but then I have grown up and old with them!  Some lyrics are likely to find their way into these wanderings of mine, I think that they will say what I feel much better than I………..

is the darkness in your heart
It's the sound of one hand clapping
While it's pulling you apart

Sunday, 27 December 2009



In the words of the song - Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream Really do come true. -
Well call me a sceptic of you like but if such a place existed it would be wall to wall with wishers and dreamers. And knowing the human race fights would break out as attempts were made to push to the front!!  I'm seriously considering giving up dreams, the ratio of disappointment/happiness is way out of kilter…………….


Saturday, 26 December 2009


Nearly as I start to write….the inability to move without pain woke me and then the only thing to do was to get up - ah! that it was so easy! Anyway now I'm downstairs and can work on some of yesterday's photos from the walk on the beach. I suppose this is payback from the fall and the walk - hey ho! on I go………. no complaints. There is a family member much in need of our care and thoughts, prayers even, if you think they might help. An unfortunate set of circumstances and a life is tilted on its edge. We must all hope that there is a road back……… there ever a road back? Well maybe, but is it a good idea?  To go back I mean …………

Thursday, 24 December 2009

A recurring thought

Whenever a "holiday" comes around the same thoughts go through my mind……it is Christmas, Easter and New Year which go towards giving the year some form, something to look towards, whether you have religious beliefs or not. These times raise the spirits and lower the bank balance, but most of all they are times when you think of friends and relations far and near. They are doubtless in your thoughts all year round but at these times there is perhaps a card to be written, a gift to be purchased and there is as much pleasure in the seeking out of the perfect gift as there is in the receiving of one.  Everywhere looks bright and cheerful with coloured lights and decorations inside the home and in the towns, again these serve to cheer and bring a smile.

And what of me this coming holiday?…… well I guess that my day will be much the same as every other day…….perhaps I need to be a little more proactive next holiday time………..

Monday, 21 December 2009


Yesterday was a day spent keeping warm and pottering about the house, checking this and that. Nothing much here to do in the way of maintenance and very little in the way of housework!! Bliss!

A brief run (in the car) down to L'Abbaye de Bon Repos for a stroll by the river and some photos. It all looks so cold and wintery under it's blanket of snow, there's a surprise....... why are we constantly taken aback by the changes in the seasons, as if they have never happened before?
The photo is of the open air theatre in the grounds of the Abbey......too chilly to be sitting out there now no matter how riveting the performance.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

A trip

A trip over the Channel to Brittany and our home there - it wasn't the journey which we expected - lots of snow and ice met us at Roscoff and the 80 minute journey took 4+ hours. During this time we were treated to the delights of the French driver on ice and to watching a lorry jack-knife in front of us .....scary.But we are here and all is well and we are getting warm slowly.......

Friday, 18 December 2009

4.oo am.   sleep disturbed so here I am at the laptop - whatever did I do before I had this thing?  Well at least it's time well spent now - one or two things to read up on and at this time in the morning I am unlikely to be drawn away by the needs of the household! This is, to my mind, one of the best photographs I have taken for a while.

The Jews' Cemetery

A busy day yesterday which kept me from my laptop - well it reduced the number of hours a little. I had a trip into Exeter - the big city - fortunately my appointment was on the outskirts so I didn't have to do battle with the crowds of shoppers. It was hard to find somewhere to park even so.  I had decided to walk to a tiny Cemetery which is hidden behind high walls and slowly being surrounded by new buildings. It is the Jews' Cemetery situated outside the old City Walls - most of which have long disappeared. The gates were chained and locked so I had to be happy with a few shots taken from wherever I could get my lens……..

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A lovely day today, more photography and time spent in good company.  It's the little things that make it special, the shared smile, the quiet, easy time when conversation naturally ceases to leave a comfortable silence……….

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


So how do I feel after my weekend away?  True be told, a little flat, but then I suppose it's understandable - a weekend of chatter and laughter. Good food and wine and most of all the chance to take photographs around a lovely city. I hope that the feeling goes - I need evenness and sometimes it is hard to achieve. I think that a glass of wine is in order tonight……...

Three of my favourites - when I can work out how to move the images about before I post them I will show some more…….

Monday, 14 December 2009

Weekend end

The end of a very long day. Also the end of a most enjoyable weekend. As normal I took loads of photographs, had lots of laughs, good food and wine and enjoyed the company of my friends. We mostly live far apart and look forward to these meetings to share our passion for photography. Norwich has been well and truly photographed this weekend and no two shots will be the same as we all see life in a slightly different way. Now begins the pleasure of reliving the weekend as I work through my photos, deciding which to post on the website and which to discard. I have made a bit of a start so watch this space!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Another lovely day with friends, wandering the streets of Norwich. We had some rain whilst we were at the "high spot" of the city - the Castle. Nothing dampened our spirits though and we had impromptu dancing in the rain!!  It's always a little sad when these meets come to an end and we say our goodbyes but hopefully it won't be too long before another is arranged. I wonder where it will be next time....... Tomorrow we start the long trek back to Devon.

Saturday, 12 December 2009


Not a good night - too much noise - uncomfortable bed - head full of goodness knows what!  At 4.30am there was traffic noise and oh how I wished for the silence of my Devon home. There the only noise I hear at night is the Tawny Owl in the Ash tree and very occasionally a fox bark across the fields.  The silence is as deep as the darkness can be, for if the moon is covered by cloud then it really is "pitch black" no street lights or house lights. I don't find it disturbing in any way though I have friends who find it very worrying. So, I have two more nights to endure but then the daytime will be filled with friends and fun and I can catch up on sleep next week. Now all I need to do is empty my head of the whirling thoughts and I can rest for a while……..

Friday, 11 December 2009


My laptop reminded me of an appointment today, then my mobile phone did the same. Something which is usually necessary, the gentle nudge of "you didn't forget did you" sort of reminder. But today I need none of it, for today I am going away for a long weekend of indulging in my passion. The long journey (M25 - ugh!) will be just that - long and tiring but at the end -  well maybe when I get back I show you a little of what I did……...

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Not a good morning with a  very early start and then confusion. How right that saying "it's all in the mind" mine and yours. The problems arise with how we communicate what is in our mind. The smallest of actions can cause the deepest of wounds...........

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


There is nothing worse that watching someone you love suffer pain, be it physical or emotional. The sense of helplessness is, at times, almost overwhelming. There is so little that you can do in most cases. Muttering platitudes may be resorted to and helps not a jot. Practical help, though  neither glamorous nor at times appreciated is the direction which we usually take - "doing something" is therapeutic for the "doer" and usually helpful. But it never seems enough………

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


I am beginning to enjoy writing this blog  every day. When I started out my intention was to add bits and pieces as and when. Now I find that I look forward to sitting down and collecting my thoughts. I am also intrigued by the thought that it can be read by anyone "out there"  anyone with an internet connection. I know that I have good friends who read these wanderings and give me feedback, for which I am extremely grateful, but I can't help but wonder about the people who read them and remain anonymous. But then that is the nature of this form of communication. I have looked up the meaning of "communicate" as I was interested in whether it  implied any form of exchange - apparently it does… and it doesn't! Ah well if one person reads and enjoys I am happy and then again if they don't I shall never know………...

Monday, 7 December 2009

State of Mind

Not sure how I am feeling this morning, a bit like the weather - changeable!  On the whole, of late, my state of mind has been calm and…. uggh…. dare I say it "normal." I can't remember the last time I cried though I have had the occasional tear in my eye. So that is an improvement - I think.
I have friends who live with depression, friends who live with it or through it with a loved one and friends who don't believe it exists. So I have, over the last 3 years, had an amazing and varied  selection of backup, help and advice! All of it I have listened to, not all of it have I believed or acted upon. It's a very personal thing to live with and though others may understand they don't really "understand"  I'm guessing now that if you have never been a sufferer you may have lost interest and be about to move on to the next blog/task/pastime, but if you have been unfortunate and have walked the road of total confusion and despair you will appreciate the different types of "understanding"  Time is supposed to be a great healer, I think it is more a great sticker on of patches, rounding off of sharp corners, puller of  veils over memories. But then my understanding may be different to yours………..

Sunday, 6 December 2009


Sunday started out beautifully sunny, alas it's now midday and the clouds have gathered and are threatening rain. I'm not sure why we get so uptight about the weather - there is precious little we can do about it but get on and do what we have to do!  I have to admit that it can be difficult when carrying a camera, unless you have a camera raincoat. I am fortunate as the body of my camera is protected by about 70 waterproof seals - not so the lenses so I have to be careful to keep them dry.
The main reason that we moan about the weather is that it is so variable, one day mild the next bitterly cold. A bit like people really, one day full of fun the next down in the dumps. But then what would life be like if everything and everyone were always the same?  I suspect that we would quickly become very bored with life and set about finding ways to add a few variables……..

Saturday, 5 December 2009


Have you ever wanted to change your name? I don't mean when you were about 6 and had ideas of comic book heros and the like. I mean now, at whatever grown up age you have reached? I know that you can do this legally though the circumstances I am thinking of would not lead you down that path……. just down the path of "if I hear that name again" "why is it always her/him?" "perhaps I should change my name to…….. "  All silly stuff, the sort of thing that goes through your head in the wee small hours perhaps, when you're feeling  - hmmmm  how would you have to be feeling………..?

The photo is one from a while ago - I titled it "Crushed"
So here I am nearly 1.30am and wide awake. Surfing, checking out photography sites, the work of the great and the good -  and not so good sometimes. But then it is all in the eye of the beholder. Some people I know do get very discouraged when they see the excellence of others. To me it serves as a spur to improve my own work, though if I don't get some sleep sometime soon I shall have difficulty seeing straight! More to follow tomorrow,  no….. I mean today! :)

Friday, 4 December 2009

So, here we are, round to Friday again. Time for me to get in front of the camera - outdoors methinks but lets wait and see. I'm not going to plan. I'm home from a small market which is held weekly at Broadwoodkelly.  The villagers have a very strong sense of community and for a very small place they organise a tremendous number of events of one sort or another. The market was very busy today, word is spreading among the neighbouring villages! If you have something to sell they are happy to find you a space, (for a contribution to Hall funds) It's a very worthwhile venture. As my car was blocked in the car park I went for a walk round the churchyard, it has a strange layout with many of the gravestones quite a distance from the Church, while others were, as normal, close around it. The Church is kept locked but I shall return and borrow the key to have a look inside for any history…….. I could Google it but then I'd miss out on the peaceful moments inside.  Peaceful moments should be relished……..

Thursday, 3 December 2009

A reasonable effort for the challenges I think.
I started the day thinking about security, but then as I don't feel too secure myself in some aspects of my life perhaps it is a subject for another day. I will turn my mind to the 2 photography challenges that I have today. The first is the "December Challenge" - a photograph of or to include circles, rectangles and/or triangles. A new photo to be taken each day and posted onto the Pbase Forum. It's fun to do. The second one is the "Thursday Challenge" This subject is set each week by two members of PBase. Sometimes a single word or, as today a type of image. So - off I go to find circles, rectangles and triangles, form them into a still life to be lit by a single light source! Well that should keep me out of mischief for a while………  Watch this space ;)

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The day started dull and rainy, so different from yesterday with its frost and flaming red sky. No dashing out in my dressing gown to take some photos this morning. The weather stayed the same pretty much all day, overcast, just what you need to go out for some photos - not! So the alternative is to stay in and look at the work of other, much more talented photographers - learn by observation. It's amazing what you can learn if you are observant...........

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Our Camera Club meeting last night was inspiring in so many ways. The speaker, a professional photographer, was enthusiastic about both his work and his desire to share some of his images and  experiences. He and his wife also run a pub - why do some people seem to have more hours in their day than the rest of us? The old adage "If you want something done ask a busy woman" comes to mind. Anyway I digress, I came back from the meeting full of ideas and inspiration and feeling very positive about my photography. I firmly believe that is is possible to be shackled by technical knowledge, I don't mean that as an excuse for my lack of it, but it can stop you trying for a shot in perhaps less than ideal circumstances - my motto is "give it a go" nothing ventured etc etc. He talked a lot about planning a shoot and as a professional this is crucial as someone is going to pay the bill - or not ! So with my head full of his photos and words I begin another month of my Picture a Day challenge. Despite the gloomy weather the future IS bright though not necessarily orange...........