Sunday, 31 October 2010


My sleep patterns are all awry again and I should have been having an extra hour of it last night :(  At least I've been able to catch up on some reading  and have a look through my new photography books. I should have been reading my camera manual - there is an awful lot still to learn, pleasurable learning though. For now I'll sit and watch it get light then I can go for a walk up the garden to let the chucks out and check that all is well. I don't seem to make it to the top of the garden very often these days, anyone would think it was miles! There are a couple of trees up there which need to be felled. When the "Wild Garden" was planted the group of Willows were planted too close to the Alders, which have grown much faster than expected. It won't be an easy task as, being water lovers, they are all planted in the really boggy area. I'd better get out and buy some waders!!

Sweet Chestnuts from Brittany.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Soldier On

Still a bit creaky - well I should say creakier as I never seem to be completely free from aches.  When I had my BP checked by the Nurse on Thursday she quizzed me about my back and nerve damage for quite a while. Her parting shot was "well don't soldier on for too long, come back and discuss the changes with the  Doctor"  Made me think afterwards of all the people who do "soldier on" and don't want to cause a fuss, be a nuisance, bother any body etc etc. How much better and happier their lives could be for perhaps just a few minutes talking to the right person………

I went for just a bit saucy! ;))

Friday, 29 October 2010


I normally take a Self Portrait each friday -  perhaps I should take one of some of my bruises?!?  Perhaps not - best to draw a veil over that incident. At least the BP is back to normal. I haven't been able to contact either of the very kind ladies who helped me after my fall. I'll have to put a notice in the Post Office window. We, as a nation, are so quick to proclaim all the "bad" things/people in our society. More effort should be made to advertise all the multitude of good people and happenings that there are. If we did it might become self perpetuating, to the benefit of all. So in case they ever do read my Blog - Thank you Abby and lady with mobile phone for your kindness, and Claire for the blankets and the laugh the next day!!
So off to sort out a photo……what will it be today I wonder. Here's one from a while ago. :))

Thursday, 28 October 2010


So, I'm out of bed - it's a start of sorts. Mega creaky and sore in all sorts of places which I didn't notice yesterday. Thank goodness for the Arnica Gel. Organised a checkup this afternoon. I am being "fitted in" to see a nurse - it's a case of turn up at a given time and she'll see me when she can. Wonder what that'll do for my blood pressure?! But at least I have no broken bones and barely any broken skin. Reaction at home was predictable and they didn't let me down……..  Best of all in this happening was that I wasn't carrying my camera….why I left it in the car I'll never know - lucky, lucky!!

Lovely afternoon sun.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Time to change

It was brought home to me quite forcefully today that Town and Country don't always mix…… in this case it was my choice of footwear.  Always a lover of heels, I have held on to them through two prolapsed discs in  my back causing numbness in my feet. Various losses and gains in weight and of course many and various changes in fashion. I really must accept that heels and rickety old pavements are a recipe for disaster, in this case me tripping, hitting my head on some railings and ending in an undignified heap on the floor. No damage done apart from a bit of a headache and the paramedics were very kind. They said that they see a lot of it - undignified heaps on the pavement that is, but it's normally on a Friday and Saturday night!! So from now on no heels for Ann unless I'm in town or indoors….hmmmm how long will this last I wonder.

Monday, 25 October 2010

So Long

It's been ages since I wrote, perhaps I should rename my blog, better still I should get myself organised to write more regularly. I can but try.
There has been a lot going on since my birthday, trip to France, photography, more photography, spending…. you get the idea!
At the moment I am in need of sleep. At 2am three of us were in the garden, watching the frost form, and trying to persuade a small black and white cat to come down from the top of the power supply pole - we failed and she is, as I write this at 10am, still there. Hopefully the Electricity Supply "team" will be out soon. During these early hours long pieces of wood were bound together to make a sloping bridge from the top of the pole to the ground to entice her to walk down - now in the harsh light of day I can see just how dangerous this was. We were inches from the power cables! So she sits there, watching the birds and the dog in the garden next door……hmmmm, I wonder…….

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The day after

Thanks to Cheryl for a lovely bottle of Fizz - that went down very nicely indeed last night, with no ill effects this morning. I even slept quite well and then woke up "set" sigh! On the plus side my tinnitus seems to have disappeared from my right ear...I feel I have to whisper that in case it suddenly wakes up! It has been so bad for the past few days this respite is wonderful - long may it........... no won't go there.
The roofers arrived this morning and are happily pounding about up there. What on earth we are going to do with all the stuff they have chucked off I have no idea. I'm not sure it was appreciated quite how much there would be.....hey ho! Next I suppose we have to order new patio doors, though I love the look of these old ones - perhaps they can make us some similar. Modern ones would look awful.
At least I can get away from the noise, a Camera Club Workshop to be organised, well ahead of time to try to avoid mishaps on the evening. Haha...she hopes. It's about lighting, the artificial sort.....I know very little, I have had a flash gun for several years and still don't fully understand it, despite the best efforts of a friend to prod me in the direction of the instruction manual, or even the flash gun itself! So maybe this evening I might be a bit more clued up on how things work...........cough cough!!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Do I feel any different? ........ no but then why should I, it's only another day. I suspect the only time I'll notice is when I have to fill in a form lol. So..... all the suggestions of fluffy slippers, wearing purple and wandering about in my dressing gown........ you all know who you are...... I shall remember ;) and I just might!

Monday, 4 October 2010


She loved Roses.

I haven't felt inclined to write here of late. Strange that I should today after a very stressful weekend in so many ways. Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of the death of my Mum, I find it hard to believe that 4 busy years have gone by since that mad dash up the M5 to the hospital. I still look at things and think " Oh Mum would like that, I'll tell Mum about this" How the mind works..... plays tricks.

A little incident at the breakfast table this morning made me think....... look at these two phrases:
"you should have said" - "you should have thought."

How many times do you think one of these - they go in tandem quite well too. Two sides of an argument. If you find yourself thinking "you should have thought" about someone on a regular basis, perhaps it's time you said it out loud, and I'll bet that their response will be "you should have said" Hmmmmm why don't we say...........