Friday, 27 August 2010

The right words

The English language is so rich in words and yet we use so few of them. I have looked at some studies, non conclusive as every one of us has a different vocabulary, but the percentage we use is very small. My Mum-in Law is starting to have problems with her memory and sometimes has difficulty finding the right words, fortunately it doesn't worry her too much and she will shrug and say something else. We all suffer from this to a greater or lesser extent, sometimes caused by confusion, lack of concentration (multi-tasking has its down side!) or just plain being at a loss for a word, but we can usually overcome it with a bit of quick thinking.

There is another occasion when the right words evade us. To broach a difficult or sensitive subject needs precise vocabulary, without it the consequences can be dire. So much better to take the easy road and not say anything at all and finding the right words may then become progressively more problematic.

Best not to leave it till we "can't" find the right words rather than "won't" don't you think?....................

Have I used the right words here I wonder, to get my thoughts across to you? I hope so.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

The right course

Determined as I am not to let this blog slide I still manage to miss days here and there - must try harder! I have been in a difficult position of late...... one of those heart v head situations. When I know what I should do but ........ just "but" really, nothing earth shattering. Indecision is probably the better word but as I have tried to steer clear of being indecisive I'll get round it by calling it something else........ that won't work will it Ann ??

Ah well I have made a move and all seems well, for now. It is always more difficult to deal with family and sometimes close friends - the very people one should be able to talk to. So do you travel down the path of upsetting the few or the many - sods law is that you upset the very one you don't mean to. Very occasionally a desert island has great attraction, but not enough power sockets...........

In future I will not go against my gut feeling and do things because others say I should...... I can't stand the smile never reaching the eyes. Yes the more I think about a desert island.................

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

12 days

No not the 12 days of Christmas! 12 days since I last wrote a line here........ until I made a start today I hadn't really realised how much time had passed and also how much I had missed blogging.........dreadful word that it is!
I've been busy both in front and behind the camera and have some great sets of photographs to show for my efforts. Fireworks, young musicians and an agricultural show all feature as well as my daily wanderings around Devon. I am also doing a month long "Abstracts" challenge on PBase which is really enjoyable as there is endless scope for inventiveness.
Today....well today is going to be a bit of a challenge in oh so many ways but there will be coffee and cake no doubt and they always "oil the wheels" as it were and this evening I may be posting more photos of me rather than by me.
Now to do battle with the posting of this blog - I do find it difficult to get photos in the right places - more practise needed..........

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Today - not just any day

Third shoot later today...woohoo!! Although there was a blip first thing this morning which coloured my mood, but NOTHING is going to get in the way of this being a great experience! The rest of the stuff I'll deal with later, or maybe I won't deal with it at all. It can gradually fade away.
Time to mentally check my suitcase, it wouldn't do to forget something crucial....... define crucial. Probably something missing from the makeup bag - that might be crucial...anyway it's not going to happen as I'm all prepared!
Not at all sure what format this one will take, perhaps we'll just go with the flow as they say...........

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Preparation is going ahead for my third session in front of a camera and I'm really looking forward to it. If I'm not careful I could get addicted! I have a new dress, bought with the shoot in mind and some different stockings. I still haven't managed to persuade myself to buy some Fully Fashioned ones, I do wonder about the sizing. Perhaps I'll hit eBay and see what I can find!
Tonight I have my hair coloured and, as usual, have no idea how it will turn out but as far as the photographs are concerned they'll be black and white, so weird coloured hair won't matter one jot. It is years since my hair has been as long as it is now and I love it. Way back when I had it short and spiky and liked it, but there is nothing quite like brushing out long hair.......

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Very erratic blog entries of late, I must have been busy, or something. I have been sorting my photo library and in the process completely kn.........ed it :(( Fortunately help was at hand to sort me out....again. I have promised to be very careful in my next bout of tidying!
There is another Photo Shoot in the planning stage and I am really looking forward to it. Being in front of the camera isn't so bad after all, not that I would like to do it on a regular basis, it's hard work as well as fun, but then perhaps that's my age?!
I am finally seeing the light with the Camera Club Programme - it has been a trial this time to organise as people are a bit reluctant to travel any distance and are generally cutting down on their evening commitments. But I seem to have ended up with some activity or other for every meeting so all is well. Time will tell if the club members are happy.
I have had some praise for my SoFoBoMo book of photographs which is really nice. I enjoyed the challenge - I might have said that before, so I'll be doing another one in 2011, all being well. is the link if you'd like a look.