Monday, 28 March 2011

The Weekend


Well it's gone… the weekend that is. There must be some law of Physics which states that time speeds up on Saturday and Sunday.

Not that it should bother me as I've been "retired" for a good number of years so weekends are little different from the rest of the week.
When I say "retired" I mean that I gave up paid employment in favour of child rearing and allotment digging……... there are so many similarities there, but perhaps
I'll save them for another day.  So back to the disappearing weekend. Saturday seemed to pass in a haze of waiting for other people to do things so that I could get on
with my things. As you know, that is doomed to failure and so my things remain undone. The lure of Bike Racing at a track 250 miles away reduced the number for dinner to 3.
Then 2 decided that they would dine alone so I was footloose and fancy free with a bottle of wine and the remote control. The change in Summertime or whatever it is called these days meant that
an hour of precious sleep was lost so when I woke  at 6am, which was really 5am the wine didn't seem like such a good idea. 
Anyway into the car we 3 piled for our trek upcountry and 200 miles later were cooing at the shiny new car. The deed was done, it joined the family and we set off for home in convoy. Why did we have to travel 200 miles, well 400 really, for a new car? Well it's something to do with the engine, the accessories, the badges on the back and sundry other mega important issues, resulting in the ONLY car on the planet which fitted all criteria was this one 200 miles away….. could have been worse…could have been in Scotland!
Safely home and fitting neatly among the rest of the stable on the drive it gleams and serves to show up the 3" of mud all over mine, the duct tape holding the bumper on another one, the bird poo spotted all over the roof of the "one which never gets used" - there's anther story…… and yes, even the Merc now looks a little less pristine.  Oh joy….I feel another car search coming on….

Friday, 25 March 2011

For the Love of Lingerie.

I can't help it and I know I've said it before, I'm completely addicted to lingerie. I have started a gallery on PBase, The Devil is in the Detail, which, of course it most definitely is. The tiny bows, lace and embroidery make all the difference. For some strange reason this new gallery has been very popular though I have had requests for a more "suitable" setting ….I  wonder what they mean? Taking one shot of each item is sometimes difficult but I'm determined to stick to one and one only.  The scary part is that I got tempted to count up how many bras, panties, sussies etc that I own……..I REALLY must not go there!!!  
Here's the link if you'd like a look at the whole gallery, though i will be adding to it for some time to come…….

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

No Progress

I'm still wading through information about web sites - does everyone have this problem, is it such a difficult thing to do? Perhaps I should "throw money at it" and get a site designed and then all I have to do is learn to post the occasional blog, load a few photos……  Somehow, to me, that seems a bit feeble. So I must get on and stretch what brain I have and LEARN !!

I'm using a new Black an White processing system, it has such versatility and the results are very pleasing.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Change

I've been absent again but this time I have a reasonable excuse.  The idea milling around in my head is to have a web site of my own and incorporate this blog. I have been researching, learning and generally getting thoroughly confused. But I shall keep looking and learning and eventually find something which I am comfortable with. A case of "watch this space"

Thursday, 10 March 2011

To London.

Last weekend was spent in London, meeting up with fellow photographers from PBase. I was apprehensive about the walking involved in these events and had planned to maybe meet them for lunch and dinner and spend the rest of the time taking things easy around the hotel and Hyde Park. As things worked out we spent time in caf├ęs and on buses, then a restaurant…… and so on.  Walking was fine, slow and casual, though the market in Portobello Road was so crowded that anything else would have been impossible. So I didn't miss out on their company nor the sights of the city and it's many photo ops.  It was great to make new friends as there were several people attending who I hadn't met before except through their photography. What a wonderful bunch they are - each and every one of them!

I'm home now and recovered. Photos are sorted, processed and posted and remain as a lovely reminder of the weekend. Right, what's next - Ah yes, a Judging Seminar - I am going to learn how judges go about their very difficult job of sorting through the selections of images put before them by  photography clubs. How on earth do they sort the wheat from the chaff……..hopefully all will be revealed on Sunday.

No Words - More sights of London

Thursday, 3 March 2011

And on to the next

The trip to France is but a distant memory now - how quickly the days go by, it's March already!  As my photographs in the last post show Rennes is a wonderful city. I was totally enthralled by the architecture and I'm sure I'll be back there quite soon. It is strange how the trips over the channel have grown on me, I no longer get the "I want to be at home" feeling after a few days. A sure sign that I now regard that little bit of Brittany as home. Apart from the trips to Saint-Aignan and Rennes, laying floor covering in the bathroom was about the only other "event"  One perhaps I'll skim over - enough to say that it proved to be more difficult than expected thanks to liberal applications of spray-on glue used on the old linoleum. The new floor covering looks good so the struggle wasn't in vain.

So now it's full steam ahead for the Pbase meeting in London. Everything is booked and paid for and logged and printed…….probably. The ever present problem of packing is still to be resolved, not so much of what to take as what to take it in. Trial and error today should sort that one though and I intend to be ruthless in  cutting down on clothes I take…….hmmmmm

The photos here are from my Abandoned and Unloved gallery