Thursday, 29 July 2010


At last I have found a breakfast cereal which doesn't give me instant indigestion, which means I don't have the trauma of making porridge every morning! :)) It also means that I am having 3 meals every day........progress indeed and a happy PT, happy everyone really. On our last trip to Brittany I bought some Cidre.....well I normally bring back cidre and wine for friends and wine for me, so this time I thought I'd try the Cidre de Bretagne too. All I can say, now that I can speak again, is that it's quite strong........ no, make that very strong!!!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I have problems with food. Prepared and placed in front of me I will eat it. Left to my own devices I would live on yogurt and the occasional "ready meal" I prefer to stay out of the kitchen as things go wrong when I try to cook, mainly because I have a tendency to wander off at a critical moment or forget to look at the clock so timing becomes a matter of guesswork!
During a visit to the gym yesterday I was roundly scolded by the PT because I don't eat breakfast and left under strict instruction to make porridge and eat it with some fruit each morning. The remains of my first attempt for many years to make porridge were found in the microwave - not quite solid but getting that way late in the evening...........ah well there's tomorrow.....perhaps weetabix would be a safer bet.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

A childhood memory.

I am writing this as a contribution to "Lottie Loves Finishing School, Writing Workshop" The topic is remembering so I thought I'd get this written before I forget.....

At age 11 I was lucky enough to have a pony, bought for me by a doting Grandfather. He handed over pony and tack and left my parents to pick up the rest of the tab, ie. finding stabling, paddocks, food, shoes etc. I think on reflection, this made them very resentful, but at 11 who notices these things. Anyway, to their eternal credit they found all that was necessary and the pony became part of our everyday life. Only about a couple of years passed and the pony was ill and large Vet bills arrived. Unfortunately it wasn't a happy ending. Along came another pony, but this time a bigger, stronger one. One far above my ability as a rider but I persevered, hit the ground more than a few times too!! We went to Pony Club Camp, Shows, Gymkhanas, the usual round of pony events and it was great fun. Secretly I always wished that I could just concentrate on the "looking after/riding out" part of my pride and joy, rather than the Shows.
It was at one such Show that I received a knock which has stayed with me, but not a physical one, that I could have coped with.
As I rode back from warm up exercise my Dad met me and said " You should let "____" ride him in this event, she rides him much better than you do"
Need I say more…………….

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Still the same......

Still on holiday, still feeling ill. When you don't feel well home is where you want to be, though I know I'm sort of at home, it's not the same. Today was so very hot. We visited Mont Saint Michel which was very crowded. It's a fascinating place but I think the best time to go is in the winter when perhaps there are less people. It was difficult to enjoy some parts as we were shuffling round in a queue. I did manage a few good photos, though not as many as I would normally take on a day out sightseeing.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

This isn't right!

This can't be right?! Here we are in France, in the sunshine and I spend a whole day feeling decidedly ill :( No idea what caused it, which makes it somehow worse, but at last this evening I have eaten just a little and hopefully will be recovered by morning. Off sightseeing to the coast - seaside....that makes me happy.
I have seen friends use an App on their iPhones which gave interesting effects to photos so I thought I'd give it a try..........

Thursday, 15 July 2010


After a dreadful crossing (calming pills required!) here we are at No 2. It amazes me how clean it stays - the benefit of no carpets I guess. So there isn't much to do apart from unpack and plug in various electrical devices. A quick trip to the local Supermarket and we're set for the week. Weather could be better but then living in Devon rain is nothing new! Once again I have forgotten to bring some photos for the walls. I do hate bare walls so I might as well show off some of my better efforts! Next trip I WILL bring some over...... that must be about the 4th time I've said that to myself! I do believe I will set a reminder on my phone...... I seem to remember being advised of its efficacy :) Which goes to show that I can remember some things...........

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Here I am all packed and almost ready to go to a place that I really like, the journey doesn't involve flying, I get to drive, albeit on the wrong side of the road, and yet at the slightest excuse I would unpack and stay at home ...... I don't seem to have this problem with travelling around the UK as long as the stay away from home is no more than a few days. It is said that traits such as this deepen (ok get worse) with age, so it looks like I'll become a recluse with a houseful of cats!! I have been told not to look for problems and excuses and I'm trying, I can hear certain people saying "yes very trying!" and am determined to conquer it. I almost typed "but" then......... ;)

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I have been neglecting my blog lately, though as I have said before it's not a chore to be done "ad nauseam" So what has kept me away, I certainly haven't been away from the laptop - so many photos to sort through, but I'm getting there slowly. 

Em is no longer with us, having moved to be with another Rotary family, but hopefully he will be back for a few days before he flies home. Such an inspiring young man!

I must really start to prepare for our trip to home No 2. It's an age since we have been there. Hopefully we shall be able to explore a bit further afield and have a real relax, though doubtless I will fret after about 5 days. I'm not sure why I get so uneasy when away from home for any period of time but I certainly do. Just one of my little quirks I guess............

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Material world

We were lucky enough to be able to host a young Kenyan student for a few days last week and what a learning curve it was for us. The whole visit, for him is a trip of a lifetime. Visas are hard to come by and he was refused 3 times but perseverance paid off for him. It is refreshing to meet someone who takes nothing for granted, absolutely nothing!  He missed 2 years of school as his family could not afford the fees (£5 per term) but is starting back in October with his eye set on University. His day to day observations of the world we take for granted have pulled us up sharp on several occasions - "how can such a rich Country have a National Debt?" was quite a telling question........ He has a tremendous work ethic and a desire to help and learn in any situation. Helping in our garden one evening the strimmer had to be forcibly removed from his hands at after 9pm, and this after a day at college and 2 hours at the gym!! When I asked if he felt tired his reply was "to work makes you feel good!"  I think that would be an ideal BillBoard message.................
When we talked about his visit and perhaps a future one he said that he would apply for a visa as soon as he could and "if they turn me down 10 times I will apply for the 11th"  I know very little about his country, far less than he knows about mine, but I do know that if the young people are all as determined as he is, it will prosper.


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sweet Peas are so soft and gentle, they lend themselves to a soft focus.

They come in vibrant colours too. This pink being my favourite.


What a start to the day...... nothing major just that horrid "blurrghh" feeling which colours everything you see, do, think....... Talk about getting out of bed on the wrong side, but then as I slept on the sofa that doesn't apply. Plus side is that my back feels ok thanks to my lovely sofa.
I have one of those "to do" lists today that doesn't seem to have anything on it that appeals, perhaps I'll have to bribe myself. Again I do have a plus side - my neighbour gave me a lovely bunch of Sweet Peas so I have something to use for a spot of macro photography........ There now that's 2 pluses I've found from just sitting writing this...whoever said blogging is a waste of time is wrong!
I will even tackle my wardrobe - and then Lottie will be pleased with me!

Monday, 5 July 2010


I feel a bit like one sometimes........on the edge, in the shadows. I suppose if I look on the positive side that is a step up from a mushroom as they are kept totally on the dark. I guess it's partly my own doing....I should be BOLD and proactive.......and I also should be (Lottie if you're reading this I'm really, really sorry!) clearing out my wardrobe! Anyway back to the shadows, perhaps that's where I function best.............

Friday, 2 July 2010

And it makes me wonder

Strange little things happen sometimes that when you think about them later....well they make you wonder... Yesterday when I was at the gym, pedalling away on an exercise bike, my iPod shuffle shuffled the same song in about 20 minutes. There are 300+ tracks on it so that struck me as a little odd. I then went into the Dance Studio to watch a Pilates class as I have been advise that it might be helpful for my back problem. As I walked in the same track was playing.......that is some coincidence! It's not new by any means - Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. When I got home I read the lyrics and they made me wonder too........

"yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
There's still time to change the road you're on.

And it makes me wonder"

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Where does it go? Here we are on 1st July and 6 months of 2010 are firmly behind us. During those months I have made great strides both photographically and on a personal level and am confident that the coming months will continue in the same way, though the odd hiccup may occur. Changes will be made as I now feel able to lead rather than always be led.
Occasionally I do wonder if this is a "new" Ann or the original one surfacing for that much needed gulp of air!