Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The hedge has got to go.

The large privet hedge which started life on top of part of a garden wall and has subsequently migrated onto the drive, has become a giant of an eyesore. It is full of brambles, a wild rose or two, nettles and ivy, lots of ivy. A complete mess. Every year it was cut but every year it grew and the ivy roots began to push the stones out of the wall. Something had to be done. Discussions were had with the next door neighbours who would be affected by any changes and the decision was made - it had to go. That was months ago...

Last Saturday morning I looked at this giant of a job and decided that unless a start was made, however small, it would never be done. Right. Armed with 2 wheelbarrows, a pair of secateurs and some sturdy gloves I began. Rather than handle everything twice I carefully cut branches and put them straight into the barrow. It was going to be a lonnnng job!  My neighbour came out and offered to cut some down with his chain saw - brilliant. So I spent Saturday clearing up and trundling the cuttings up to the bonfire which is at the top of the garden - no mean feat in itself as the garden is about an acre and much longer than it is wide... well I want to get fit, lose some weight - who needs a gym?! Jimi came out and helped with the clearing up and moving of the heavy stones for which I was very grateful.

Sunday was my day off, Dowland Country Fair to visit followed by dinner with a friend. A chance for me to recoup some energy.  Monday brought root and stone removal as by this time I'd got down to the ivy roots and the stones were getting very loose. I had one close call, as I pulled roots out from the garden side bits of wall fell into the lane. Fortunately it's not a busy lane! Peter did yet more chain sawing for me and great progress is being made.

There are days and days work ahead of me. When it's all cut down the wall has to be rebuilt - Anyone know of a Drystone Wall person? Perhaps I'd better go on a course ;)


A few shots of the work in progress.

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