Monday, 7 July 2014

Gone missing but back now

So, where have I been these last days with no blog entries to be seen? Busy with the garden and visiting Garden Centres with Olivia, taking photos as usual oh, and been into hospital. Not a planned visit and not a pleasant experience at all.
The good old NHS is just that, old and running hard to keep up with the demands made upon it. Talk about chaos reigns! I was in for two days and was moved to 3 different wards, my ultrasound scan results were lost, my medication was changed and I came out with a list of things it wasn't (which is good) but little idea of what it was which caused the pain - enough pain to get me to go to a Doctor at 7pm.
Hey ho, I'm feeling better now thank goodness, might even manage to drive the car today. Strange but I've missed that most of all, not being able to get out and about when the fancy takes me. The down side of being confined to the house for a while is that I've hit eBay rather hard - might just need a new wardrobe!  There - another excuse to hit eBay ;)

When I did get to take some photos the results were, well see for yourself.


You can find my photos, if you haven't already, here: & &  Yes, I know there's a lot but then variety IS the spice of life!

I still have problems getting the photos to stay where I put them but hopefully they'll look ok this time.

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