Saturday, 12 July 2014

A Tomato Sandwich on the Periphery of Life.

Do you ever get that feeling, the one where you're not quite engaged with the rest of your surroundings? No, well I have. It's almost like walking into the cake baking classroom when you should be in woodwork. It can be both interesting and disconcerting. Probably both of those at the same time! Changes in life, lifestyle, health, can all contribute and as those things are transient in the overall scheme of things the feeling will adjust to meet the new circumstances and you, hopefully me too, will reengage. It's good to hang onto a "constant" and as always I'm hanging on to my camera.
I'll stop rambling now, well it's more musing than rambling really and if you've made it this far then well done!
Here are some of the results from my camera rambling - there, I've thought up a new topic, genre, whatever - Camera Rambling commence!

Oh, the tomato sandwich... just my favourite meal/snack at the moment :)

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