Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Pots & Flowers & Stuff.

 So, what have I been doing lately... hmmm. Garden Centres have featured quite a lot. Olivia is on a quest to own every type/colour/size of pot available. Then of course they have to be planted up with herbs. Great idea if only there was someone among us to use these herbs as they are intended - you know - cooking n stuff! Don't look at me. The plus side is that they look very attractive. She has also been planting vegetables of all sorts. Again it is highly unlikely that they will ever get eaten apart from by the chickens but hey, it helps to stop the veggie plots looking bare and forgotten.

Photography hasn't been neglected of course. It's daisy time and I love taking photos of them. Also scattered around the garden are several types of Aquilegia which are lovely to get real close up to with a macro lens. As well as taking photos of flowers I spent a morning in Okehampton's J Street Diner. It's a lovely retro Diner, 50's through and through and therefore the perfect setting for photos of Honeysuckle Moon Guitar Pickups. Martin Dowding my Photographer, Guitar Maker and Perfume Maker friend asked me to take some shots of his handmade pickups. It worked well and I think that he is happy with the results and here are a couple... and some flowers :)


Martins guitars and pickups can be found here:


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